From foundation in 1995, JINGYUAN GROUP CO., LIMITED always take protecting our Green Earth as our responsibility, and always aim at removing the black pollution by developing more practical and economical tire recycling and reusing machinery , after long-term discussion and more than 1000 times of experiments, we successfully developed Tire (Tyre) Recycling Lines and Various Recycled Material Reusing Lines, include: Rubber Tile (Paver) Manufacturing Line, Rubber Playfield Wet Pour Machines, Rubber Parking Curb Making Line,Rubber Powder Solid Tire Making Line, Microporous Aeration (Irrigation) Hose Making Line, Reclaimed Rubber Production Line, Tire Flap Making Line, Nylon Granule Making Line, and Steel Shot Making Line, etc.

Our tire recycling line and rubber tile manufacturing line are characterized by high quality, low price, practical design, lower space and power required, easy to learn and use, etc, are widely used in both domestic and oversea tire recycling field. Till now, our products have been exported to more than 50 countries of Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America and Oceania.

Our mission is to encourage more and more people get involved in the tire recycling and reusing business, and make the waste tires less and less.

For helping customer understand and manage the machines we manufactured , we  installed both Tire (Tyre) Recycling Line and Rubber Tile Manufacturing Lines in our factory, to offer both production demonstration and professional operation and maintenance training, free of charge.

For the customer who bought our machinery, we will offer relative technology of making rubber tiles, including material formula, etc, also free of Charge.

Welcome visit us, JINGYUAN GROUP CO., LIMITED hope to establish good, win-win relationship with you, creating beautiful future, hand in hand!

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