Hereunder are 8 simplest tire recycling lines offered by us, you can browse the details of each by clicking on it. 

1). 200-300KG/HOUR TIRE RECYCLING LINE---US$21,800/-

2). 300-400KG/HOUR TIRE RECYCLING LINE---US$23,300/-

3). 400-600KG/HOUR TIRE RECYCLING LINE---US$36,400/-

4). 600-800KG/HOUR TIRE RECYCLING LINE---US$46,800/-

5). 1000-1200KG/HOUR TIRE RECYCLING LINE---US$62,000/-

6). 2000-2400KG/HOUR TIRE RECYCLING LINE---US$124,000/-

7). 3000-3600KG/HOUR TIRE RECYCLING LINE---US$18,600/-

8). 4000-4800KG/HOUR TIRE RECYCLING LINE---US$248,000/-

For more complex tire recycling lines, please let us know your requirement, we can design the line according to your requirement.

Want to see video of above tire recycling lines? Please click Video File of Semi-Automatic Tire Recycling Line(22.6M) to download.

Please note: The video file you download from this page is compressed, before playing this compressed video, you need to extract it out by a software named "WINRAR".

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