Rubber Wet Pour Paver Machines

(3-0-01). JYJB-200 Hydraulic Tilting Mixer (3-1-01). JYTP-1200 Rubber Playfield Wet Pour Paver (3-1-02). JYTP-1800 Rubber Playfield Wet Pour Paver
For Mixing Material For Paving Rubber Playfieds(1200mm per pass) For Paving Rubber Playfieds(1800mm per pass)
(3-1-03).JYTP-2500 Rubber Playfield Wet Pour Paver (3-2-01).JYPT-120 Rubber Playfield Surface Layer Wet Pour Sprayer (3-3-01).JYHX-100 Line Marking Machine
For Paving Rubber Playfieds(2500mm per pass) For Spraying Rubber Playfields For Making Marking Lines
(3-4-01).JYZS-150 Artificial Lawn Sand (Rubber Granule) Injection Machine (3-5-01).JYSC-1500 Artificial Lawn Brushing Machine  
For Injecting Quartz Sand or Rubber Granules to Artificial Lawn Court For Brushing and Cleaning Artificial Lawn Courts  

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