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Fraud Warning!!!!

In Nowadays Modern Society, all smart phones or computers has possibility to be controlled by hacker secretly, cause let out email information and bring fraud, and there were a real fraud case happened to our Jamaica customer as below, for avoiding similar fraud happen again, hope all our customers can carefully read below words, so that can avoid possible fraud in future.

Normally speaking, the fraud process is as below:

Step 1). Cheater invade buyer¡¯s Email or seller¡¯s Email, to read the email between buyers and seller.

Step 2). Cheater use seller's name registered fraud Email 1 which is similar as seller¡¯s email address, and sent an email to buyer, so that buyer mistook it is from seller¡¯s email, then send inquiry to fraud Email 1.

Step 3). Cheater use buyer's name registered fraud email 2 which is similar as buyer¡¯s email address, then send buyer¡¯s inquiry to seller, so that seller mistook it is from buyer¡¯s email, and send quotation to fraud Email 2.

Step 4). Cheater delete seller¡¯s banking information from the seller¡¯s quotation and write Fraud Banking Account on, then use fraud Email 2 send to buyer and make up an excuse to persuade buyer to pay to the Fraud Banking Account.

Step 5). After cheater receive the money, he will use fraud Email 2 tell buyer that seller received money, and will ship the cargo to buyer some days later, so that to have enough time to take the money out before police ban their fraud banking account.

You can see, in the whole cheating process, buyers mistook he was talking to seller, and sellers mistook that he was talking to buyer, but as a matter of fact, both of them were talking to cheater, buyer already send payment out, but seller do not know at all.

For avoiding possible fraud, we advice our customer take below two measures:

1). For every Email in name of us, please do check whether it is from fraud emails, for example, one of our email address is, the similar emails such as or or other similar emails will be fraud Emails from cheater.

2). Everytime when pay money to us, please do pay to our company's account(PING AN BANK, Beneficiary Name:JINGYUAN GROUP CO.,LIMITED, Account number:11007187828201). If received an Email from our emails or from other emails asked you pay to another company's account or personal account, please do not believe, because it must be hacker pretend us to cheat your money. If necessary, you can call us on 0086-135-5306-8614(If you received an Email from our emails or from other emails asked you call another number, it must be hacker want to cheat your money, too, because we will never change this number) .

3). Install whatsapp on smartphone and add 008613553068614, , so that we can chat on time, Ok?If somebody asked to add other numbers, it must be hacker want to cheat your money, because we will never change this number.

Finally, wish all our customers can keep away from fraud, and there will not any fraud happen again on the world.

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