1. Why recycle used tires?

Due to the rapid development of the rubber industry and car industry, the rubber demand is getting huger and huger, which caused great shortage of  natural rubber supply, and the natural rubber price hiked fast and fast and always keep at highest possible prices.

But on other hand, more than 10 billion used tires are discarded every year, how to deal used tires is a global question for each government, burn it? No, it will cause too much air pollution. bury it? No, it is serious crime to the land. Leave them there in courtyards? No, it will breed millions of big mosquito to spread diseases, and world will have no enough places to contain them after many years.

What should we do???

Is there any value in the used tires? Yes, Although it can not be used on car, but it is still full of treasure, the rubber can be recycled, it is the best substitute of natural rubber, the Steel Ply can be crushed and recycled for smelting, the tire bead can be separated to reuse to make new tires or to make spring, screen net, etc, the fiber is also very expensive to sell to fiber factory.

2. Is there pollution in the Used Tire Recycling?

No! Only cooling need water, but it is in circulation, so no waste water happen at all.  All used tire can be recycled, so no waste solid happen at all. The recycling method is crush it under normal temperature, no chemical reaction, so no waste air happen at all.

3.  Is there possible policy barriers in used tire recycling?

We do not think there will be, because it is a changing waste into treasure business, not only relieve government "Black Pollution" headache, but also it can create job chance and develop local economy. As far as we know, many countries give financial support to the used tire recycling enterprises.

4. Is your machinery full automatic?

Semi automatic! Not completely! There are no complete automatic used tire recycling line, some process must be done by separate machine, for example: the tire bead separating process, etc.

5.  What is the advantage of your machinery?

We are professional used Tire Recycling Machines suppliers, except offer machinery, we also have our own used tire recycling plant. We have enough experience support of each machine we sell. And our machine feature with high quality, low price (low investment amount needed), practical design, power saving, easy to operate, etc.  Our machinery has helped many many person success in business.

6.  What support we will get from your company?

All life technical support, free training in our factory, and spare parts at cost price, etc.  We will offer the rubber tile manufacturing technology, free of charge, including material formula, etc.

7.  Are the prices shown on this website the final prices, can we get a discount?

Normally speaking, they are final prices, but sometimes, the prices are still negotiable. So, before you placing your order, please check the final prices with us.

8.  What we can get from waste tires, and what is the usage of recycled products from used tires.

This is a very good question. You can get Recycled Rubber Powder, Recycled Tire Beads, Recycled Tire Steel Wire, and Recycled Tire Fiber from waste tires, all of these are expensive and shortage resources, demand exceeding supply in market, you can sell them very easily.

The Recycled Rubber Powder is the best surrogate products  of Natural rubberit is the it can be used to make almost any rubber products, some products can made of 100%  recycled rubber, such as Rubber Mats, rubber cushion mats, rubber coil mat, rubber playground, livestock floor and wall mat, roof tiles, rubber racetrack, various rubber tiles, etc, some products can use some percent of recycled rubber as addictive, such as making new auto tires, motor tires, bike tires, road pavement, etc. If using recycled rubber as addictive, it will improve the products quality, for example, the auto tires use recycled rubber as additive will be more wearable, and road paved with recycled rubber as additive will lower noise and enlarge the road life, etc, many more other uses.

The Recycled Tire Beads (bunches of thick steel wring) can be used to make screen net, elastic spring, Cast-Steel Shot, etc, many more other uses, for example, used as tire beads to make new tires or sold to casting factory to make other steel products, etc.

The Recycled Tire Steel Wire (Crushed Tire Steel Ply) can be used as Cast-Steel Shot, or sold to casting factory to make other steel products, etc.

The Recycled Tire Fiber (Crushed Tire Fiber Ply) can be used to make Industrial Fabric or Construction Fabric, or be made into Nylon Granules, then make other nylon products, such as Nylon wheel, Nylon Plug, etc.

Hereunder is the sketch of the usage of the recycled products form waste tires, hope it can help understand well.

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